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This website should give you a sense of my thinking on talent retention, employee value propositions and employee retention.

What I bring to the table is not just deep insight into retention, turnover, employee value propositions, loyalty etc, but also an appreciation of negotiation, appreciative inquiry, solutions focus, dialogue and systems thinking.

I won't claim to be a good match for every potential client, but if you think my expertise might be of use to you then do get in touch.

In essence what I offer is an extended conversation on retention (or employee value propositions etc) so that you can clarify your own thinking, determine the best course of action, and implement those changes that will get you to your chosen destination.

You could call it retention coaching, retention wisdom or just common sense but regardless of the label attached, the reality is it is usually the difference between having the impact you desire, or alternatively, making changes that looked good on paper but turned out to be ineffective.

My fees reflect the value that I add. Ballpark $5K - $20K

Anyway, if retaining key employees is vital to the success of your business, then do get in touch.

Colin Brown